Technology to Drive the Future of Patient Support

Last week, Erica Conroy from CoverMyMeds and Heather Morel from RxCrossroads by McKesson were able to share their industry insights on Dr. Adam Fein’s Drug Channels blog.

Audrey CarsonCoverMyMeds Editorial Team
October 25th, 2019
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Erica and Heather discussed how technology stands to transform the future of patient support services for specialty medications. They introduced AMP: Access for More Patients as a new tech-enabled solution that connects health care stakeholders to help patients access and remain adherent to complex therapies.

Through data from a recent pilot study, Erica and Heather were able to show how AMP is already making a positive impact in the lives of patients. Read their article and download the pilot study on Drug Channels to learn more about how AMP is driving the future of patient support.

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Audrey CarsonCoverMyMeds Editorial Team

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